Why You Need A Pond Fountain

Having a pond or lake on your property can make you a happy home owner who wakes up in the morning and looks over his or her landscape with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand and watches with satisfaction as the sun climbs over the horizon and reflects off of the water. That’s a delightful image, but all too often the water in ponds becomes stagnant and foul – particularly ponds installed as water features in smaller landscapes. This is one very good reason why calling on pond fountain construction san marcos tx professionals to install a fountain in your pond is a good idea.

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Aeration is the process of oxygenating your pond or lake water. A stagnant pond loses oxygen. A stagnant pond is an unhealthy pond that will not only attract insects like mosquitoes but also grow algae. A stagnant pond smells bad, makes pond life unhappy, and also doesn’t look very nice.

While aeration is something that happens naturally in ponds and lakes when it rains, when wind moves the water around, or when plants in the water photosynthesize, sometimes your water needs help. A pond fountain will keep the water moving and as it brings water up over through its display, it also adds oxygen, increasing the rate at which your pond or lake aerates. If you have a large lake, you will need a larger fountain.

The presence of oxygen in your water also keeps organic matter decomposing at a manageable rate which reduces the risk of sediment build up at the bottom of your pond keeping it cleaner for longer, which ultimately translates into less work for you, the home owner.

Let’s also not forget that a pond fountain looks nice. A pond never looks worse with a fountain in it.